Selena Gomez ‘Upset’ With Family’s Disapproval Of Justin

Selena Gomez is unhappy about her family’s negative opinions on Justin Bieber and she’s ready to show them she’s happier than ever with him. Get EXCLUSIVE details here.

Selena Gomez, 25, is not appreciating the disapproval she’s been getting from her family, especially her mother, Mandy Teefee, since she rekindled her romance with Justin Bieber, 23. Although she’s spending the holidays with them, she’s ready to let them know they are wrong for believing negative things about her on-again boyfriend. “Selena and Justin are going to be spending Christmas apart, but they’re planing to be together to see in the new year,” a source close to Selena shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.com. “Selena gets why her mom has so many reservations about her seeing Justin again, but she just wishes Mandy would trust her judgement and give him a break. She’s upset, but totally not phased by her family’s disapproval though, if anything it makes her all the more determined to make it work out with Justin to prove them wrong. Selena can be stubborn as a mule, but also, she’s 25-years old, and she believes she knows what’s best for, better than her family. Justin makes Selena happy, he’s the love of her life, and there’s no way she’s going to walk away from their one last shot at love just to appease her mother.”

Selena and her mother have been making headlines over the Justin drama these past few weeks. They unfollowed each other on Instagram before reports of Selena’s family disapproving came out and now everyone is wondering whether or not there will be peace for the holidays. We can only hope they can work something out and continue to be close since Selena comes from a tight knit clan. See some of Selena and her mom, Mandy’s best photos together here.

Despite the difficult times with Selena and her mom, the “Good For You” singer recently had a special moment with her cousin, Priscilla DeLeon. She surprised Priscilla and bought her a custom made wedding dress for her upcoming nuptials. Selena will serve as Maid of Honor in the wedding.