Shocking Footage Surfaces of Teacher Punching, Kicking Students

A kindergarten teacher has been caught on camera punching, slapping and kicking her young students in an unprovoked fit of rage.

The harrowing footage at a nursery in Shaanxi, China, shows the woman kicking and punching several children as they lay defenseless on the floor on December 21.

She can be seen moving around the kindergarten, attacking the children one by one as the rest of the class watch on in fear.

The woman grabs one boy by the coat before shoving him across the room. As she approaches more children, they retreat in an attempt to avoid a similar beating.

It is believed the teacher was punishing them for unruly behaviour throughout the day.

According to the Yulin Daily News, the Shenmu City Board of education contacted the school ordering the teacher to apologise to the children’s parents.

It is also believed the kindergarten is ready to dismiss the member of staff.