Nothing Could Prepare Jodie Whittaker for Doctor Who Role

British actor Jodie Whittaker, who was announced as the 13th doctor of the hit-TV series Doctor Who, revealed that even pieces of advice from former Time Lords couldn’t prepare her for the reaction to taking over the role.

While talking about the role, Jodie, 35, said, “There is no advice you can give because no person plays this part the same. I have spoken to a few. The overwhelming sense is, ‘This is such an exciting journey you are about to go on, and it is to be enjoyed’.”

Jodie, who is going to be the first female Doctor, noted that she had to earn the role despite already having worked with new show boss Chris Chibnall on Broadchurch.

“It was certainly not handed to me on a plate. They needed to make sure I was right,” explained Whittaker.

Meanwhile, the creator of the show Steven Moffat revealed actor Jodie Whittaker is “already brilliant” in the first scene as Doctor Who. The 55-year-old showrunner said the TV franchise has a promising future with the actor as the 13th Time Lord.

Jodie Whittaker is taking the baton from actor Peter Capaldi, who played the 12th Doctor for 4 years. She is known for her films like Adult Life Skills, Black Sea, Get Santa, Attack the Block among others. Jodie Whittaker was last seen in Journeyman as Emma. She is also known for starring in the acclaimed Black Mirror episode The Entire History of You.