Brother of ISIS Radical Allowed to Join Qld Police

The brother of an ISIS terrorist has been allowed into the Queensland Police Force in a major security breach.

The unnamed recruit managed to evade what police call “rigorous” vetting and background checks before enrolling in police training, News Corp reported.

It is believed the man, from Brisbane, failed to mention to police that his brother fled Australia to join ISIS in Syria in 2014 despite self-disclosure of “relevant information” a requirement for applicants.

It is understood that after he was approached by authorities on the matter, he was given a show cause notice and subsequently resigned.

By this point he had already spent weeks in police training. Whether the prospective officer had access to weaponry or police methodologies is unknown.

A Queensland Police spokesperson told 7 News of 387 police recruits this year, 25 had resigned or had their contracts terminated but said QPS “wasn’t at liberty” to discuss the nature of each case.

Despite the initial breach, the spokesperson reiterated the high security standards the police force maintain in recruitment.

“The QPS employs a rigorous point-in-time integrity vetting process to determine the suitability of police recruit applicants which includes background checks,” they told News Corp.

The news comes as Queensland police remain on high-alert over the Christmas period following a move by the State Government to strengthen police terror teams to crack down on any potential terror threats.