Mum Jailed for Fatally Striking Four-Year-Old Son

Gold Coast mother Heidi Strbak has been jailed for nine years for fatally striking her four-year-old son Tyrell Cobb. Tyrell died on May 24, 2009 after two separate blows to his abdomen caused internal bleeding and the leaking of his stomach contents, leading to peritonitis. Heidi Strbak pleaded guilty to manslaughter in November but denied inflicting the fatal blunt force trauma. However, Justice Peter Applegarth found Strbak was the perpetrator of Tyrell’s abuse and did not seek medical help to avoid a child protection investigation into his ‘constellation of injuries’. Strbak was sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday to nine years’ jail. The 34-year-old will be eligible for parole in October 2021.