Antoine Griezmann, France Forward, Backtracks over ‘Insensitive’ Blackface Tweet

Atletico Madrid star Antoine Griezmann has apologised after posting an image of himself in blackface as part of a fancy dress party costume.

Griezmann had his face and limbs painted black and was also wearing a wig and holding a basketball in the photo.

The photo on his official Twitter account, which has 4.79 million followers, was accompanied by the message “80’s Party” followed by basketball and laughing emojis.

Antoine Griezmann celebrates a goal against Leicester City

One response called the photo a “bad idea” with others urging the France forward to delete the tweet.

Je reconnais que c’est maladroit de ma part. Si j’ai blessé certaines personnes je m’en excuse.

Griezmann at first reacted to the criticism by tweeting: “Calm down friends, I’m a fan of the Harlem Globetrotters and of this great era… It’s a tribute.”

He later tweeted an apology to those he had offended.

“I recognise that’s it’s insensitive on my part. If I offended some people I’m sorry,” he wrote.

Many on Twitter spoke out against 26-year-old, who has been linked to a $150 million move to Barcelona and has also been linked with Manchester United.

What is Antoine Griezmann thinking?

And is there nobody around him to tell him that is a very bad idea?

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