Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Man at Amsterdam Airport

A man wielding a knife was shot by military police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, prompting authorities to clear the building.

There were no reports of other injuries in the incident on Friday.

“A man at Schiphol was shot by the military police after threatening with a knife. Situation safe,” the police said on Twitter.

The knife-wielding man was shot by military police at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

The incident, which caused a partial evacuation at the airport, one of Europe’s busiest, but police said the situation was under control and was not being treated as an extremist attack.

“The circumstances are telling us that it has nothing to do with terrorism,” said Stan Verberkt, a spokesman for the Marechaussee military police.

The man was arrested and then taken to an Amsterdam hospital as police began investigations at the scene while travellers who had been ushered outside have been allowed back into the airport.