Balcony Collapse at Doncaster East

One person has been killed and several people injured after a balcony collapsed at Doncaster East on Saturday night, Victoria Police confirmed.

MFB spokeswoman Belle Nolan said a timber balcony at the rear of a house in Balinga Court collapsed about 10.30pm.

At least 11 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene.

“A number of people were stuck under a collapsed balcony,” Ms Nolan said.

“It was a collapsed decking area at the back of a property.

“Quite a large number of people were on the decking at the time when it collapsed and a number of people were trapped.”


She said there was furniture on the balcony, including a barbecue and fridge, when it caved in.

“A number of people have been rescued and there are some people who have been injured,” Ms Nolan said.

“A number of people have gone to hospital.”