Lemonade Kids take Product to Market for Lessons in Business

MOST children who want a bit of extra pocket money will put the rubbish out or wash the car.

Not Toby and Anouk Walker-Levy, aged 10 and 12, who have started their own business.

With the help of their parents, Nick and Sophie, they created a homemade lemonade which they bottled and sold at local markets.

In November, Well + Truly Muddled Lemonade caught the eye of Harris Farm Markets, who have started stocking their product.

“The kids wanted to earn some money,” Nick Walker-Levy said.

“We have a friend who sells drinks at markets so we sat around the kitchen table and decided to create a little business.”

The Killara family got help from a graphic designer friend and found someone who could help make the lemonade through a small manufacturer in Wollongong.

They made their first pallet of 144 dozen bottles, or 1728 items, and set off for the markets.

They sold only a few hundred bottles their first day and since then have had a mixed results, some weekends selling less than 100 bottles and others selling up to 1000.Father speaks out after daughter was fined for having a lemonade stand

“Some days we lose money, and this has been another great teaching opportunity,” Walker-Levy said.

“What has impressed me is that they have demonstrated a great work ethic and salesmanship.

“It’s great to see them up front manning the stand, talking to customers about the product and selling it.

“They have learned a little about business and a little about resilience as well.”

While Toby has earned enough to buy the custom parts for his scooter, the family are yet to make a profit.

But when they do, they will put it towards a family holiday and donate five per cent to Guide Dogs NSW.