Laura Davidson on Motherhood, Misogyny and the Thrill of the Race

Laura Davidson isn’t your average mum.

While her weekdays may be dominated by nappies and nursery rhymes — come Saturday, they’re replaced by petrol and pistons.

Super Sedans are 750 horsepower beasts designed to take a pounding as they hurtle around a circular dirt track.

Davidson is one of just two female Super Sedan drivers in Australia.

“When I watch videos of myself racing, I get so nervous. I don’t believe it’s me sometimes,” she said.

“I still don’t think I’m good at it. I have a lot of self doubt.

“But I just love doing it. I love putting the helmet on and getting out there. It’s just me.”

Davidson has been racing since she was 11.

It’s a family affair for the 30-year-old, who started out in go-karts before winning her way up the ranks to the Super Sedans.

She’s the star of Team Davidson which also consists of her father Brett and partner Dave.

Blokes’ acceptance a long way off

The world of Super Sedan is so fiercely blokey, despite claiming multiple state titles and more than proving her worth in the rough and tumble arena of racing, Davidson said she still wasn’t fully accepted by the men.

“It’s because I’m a woman and I’m competitive,” she said.

“It’s an older generation thing. Their dads came through, no women raced, and it’s that whole cliche of male-dominated sport.

“But I don’t do it for peoples’ acceptance. I do it because I love it, and it’s what we do as a family.

“If people don’t approve of it, I don’t care.”

Super Sedan car driven by Laura Davidson

Her partner Dave is her number one fan.

But even he jokingly concedes his ego would be bruised if he were to be out-jostled by Laura on the track.

“Being a bloke you just don’t like being beaten by women, no matter who it is.”

“If I was racing against Laura I’d be the same,” he said.

Back on track after pregnancy

Davidson is now juggling motherhood with a drive to succeed on the track.

Laura Davidson with her baby Charlotte.

Earlier this year, baby Charlotte was born and the pregnancy meant racing took a back seat.

“When you start to show, you know you’ve got someone growing inside you, and it’s someone else’s life that you’re messing with,” she said.

“I wanted to race until I was three months pregnant, but I had to consider Dave and Dad’s feelings too. It was a family decision.

“They both said if anything happened to me in the race car while I was pregnant, they’d never forgive themselves.”

She wouldn’t change a thing though.

Davidson made her post-pregnancy return to racing two weeks ago at Carrick Speedway, where she ground out a solid fourth place finish.

But she said becoming a mum was her biggest achievement.

“It was always said that I was the most non-maternal person in history, but I think I’ve proven them wrong,” she said.

“I love it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

It doesn’t appear she’ll be losing her drive anytime soon.