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Sydney Model and Cosmetic Doctor in Watchdog’s Sights over Peptide Spruiking

A Sydney-based model and cosmetic doctor has been referred to health authorities by the anti-doping watchdog after he enthusiastically endorsed muscle-building peptides.

In an article published in Executive Style in November Dr Django Nathan said “quite a few doctors I know are using [peptides] because they have so many beneficial effects and so few side effects”.

The peptides he was using had not been rigorously tested in humans, he said, but said the risks were low.

He also suggested readers get their peptide prescriptions online. Fairfax Media found many Australian websites allow customers to apply for a peptide prescription from a doctor by simply filling out a five-minute questionnaire.

ASADA, which is working to crack down on doctors who prescribe peptides, is furious. The Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority issued a media release slamming the article and referred Dr Nathan to health authorities.

“It is irresponsible for any person in a position of authority to downplay or disregard the risks associated with these substances,” ASADA CEO David Sharpe said.

“When it comes to the abuse of performance-enhancing drugs, the risks are real and extremely dangerous. These include things like blood clots, liver damage, stroke, kidney damage, brain impairment and even death.”