28 Baluch Rebels including commander, surrender to State authorities in Baluchistan

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QUETTA: Hundreds of misguided Baloch youth have joined the National mainstream in last few months as a result of the reconciliatory approach by the state.

Baluchistan has long been a restive province of Pakistan which has witnessed at least three insurgencies of varying intensities in last 68 years.

The latest wave of an insurgency is traced back to the events in 2006, after the famous Sibbi female doctor Shazia Case and killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti by President Musharaf Regime. Since then Baluchistan is run with the strong support of Civil Law Enforcement Agencies primarily the Frontier Corps Baluchistan.

However ascending of General Raheel Sharif to the coveted post of Chief of Army Staff has changed the scenario in Baluchistan. On one hand, state has crushed the foreign elements involved in the unrest with Iron hand and on the other hand, a reconciliatory approach has been adopted towards the misguided local youths who are encouraged to join back the mainstream politics in Baluchistan.


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