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Sister-In-Law smacks Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh

The tenth season of Bigg Boss left us with a lot of memories that will never fade out – at least for a while! The most murkier one being Yuvraj Singh’s estranged bhabi Akanksha Sharma’s shocking revelations about her marriage and in-laws.

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Akanksha Sharma has now come out in the open with allegations against her brother-in-law Yuvraj Singh. The man has a lot to worry about – his cricket career has come to an abrupt still and now his sister-in-law has levied some heavy-duty charges against him.

Yuvraj’s ex-sister-in-law revealed during an interview that she would speak up on the matter on October 21, the same day as the hearing of this case.

Akanksha’s lawyer Swati Singh Malik confirmed the news, “Yes, Akanksha has filed a case of domestic violence against Yuvraj, her husband Zoravar and their mother Shabnam.”

When asked as to why she’s targeting Yuvraj, Malik explained, “Look, domestic violence does not mean just physical violence. It also means mental and financial torture, which can also be attributed to Yuvraj.”

Swati Singh further added, “Yuvraj was a mute spectator to the suffering caused to my client by Zoravar and his mother. When his mother was pressurizing Akanksha to have a baby, Yuvraj too had joined in to do the same. He too told Akanksha ‘to have a baby’. He was hand-in-glove with his mother.”

She further revealed, “Yuvraj would even tell her that she should obey his mother because she was the most superior person in the house,” she added, “Really, that lady is extremely dominant. Zoravar and Akanksha were at her mercy for every decision.”

“Yuvraj even told Akanksha that if she does not toe the line, then she has no place in their house,” Malik concluded, but not before adding, “The notice has been sent.”

According to reports by Spotboye, the domestic violence complaint by Akanksha has been filed in Gurgaon.



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