Feminist Clementine Ford’s father runs for One Nation

The father of feminist writer Clementine Ford is running for One Nation in the Queensland state election.

Steven Ford, who says he grew up in a conservative household with “strong National Party” values and ideals, is running as a candidate for the seat of Nicklin.

In a post since deleted on Facebook, Mr Ford said he was very proud of his daughter despite their difference in views, The Courier Mail reported.

“Clementine is my daughter and I am very proud of what she has achieved as a writer,” he wrote


“She is a very intelligent woman and she was not raised to parrot my ideas and politics.”

Ms Ford, a columnist for Fairfax, is a critic of One Nation and its leader Pauline Hanson.

In his professional bio, Mr Ford says has worked in many countries with different religions.

“He appreciates how lucky we are to live in a society where we have the freedom to question our leaders and our policies but he strongly opposes the idea that we should change our behaviour, our language, our laws and ideals to placate a minority,” the bio reads.

“Steven’s over-riding belief is that we are Australians and everyone who wants to share the benefits of living here must acknowledge and accept our language, our laws, our freedoms and our culture. We must be one Nation, with one Flag, with one Head of State, and with one standard of law. As an MP Steven will work to enshrine those values in our state.”

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