Indian Army Brigadier Punished For Having Extra Marital Affair With Colonel’s Wife

An Indian Army Brigadier’s extra-marital affair with his senior’s wife has reportedly cost him a “four-year loss of seniority for promotion purposes” and a severe reprimand.

The Brigadier, posted at the time under the Eastern Command near Siliguri in West Bengal, had been carrying out an affair with a Lieutenant Colonel’s wife. Unfortunately for them, his wife, who is reportedly a principal in a well-known school in New Delhi, found out about the affair and wrote to the Indian Army.

While the Brigadier and the Colonel’s wife at first denied they were having an affair, the junior officer later pleaded guilty in front of a General Courts Martial (GCM) of the Army after his wife submitted Whatsapp messages exchanged by the Brigadier and the Colonel’s wife.

Having an affair with a “brother” (another officer) in the Indian Army is considered a court-martial offence. Similar cases in the past have reportedly attracted five years’ rigorous imprisonment.

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