Pakistan DG ISPR’s Message to the World, Propagandists & Funded Anarchists

Propaganda is what we call part of psychological warfare, has been used time to time, to influence the audience in order to achieve goals against an enemy state. Press conference of DG ISPR has come at a time when Pakistan is surrounded by the very Propagandist, who are deliberately investing, funding and propagating an anti-state sentiment through their anarchists within and outside Pakistan just so that they could somehow smash the image of the strongest institution in Pakistan standing like a wall, the only wall which is stopping the hostile-propagandist intelligence agencies from achieving their goals.

The recent ongoing events is what has shaped press conference of DG ISPR, from role of USA & the rise-hiding of ISIS-TTP in Afghanistan to ongoing freedom struggle in Kashmir, increasing cease-fire violations by Indian Army at LoC, Working Boundary & not to exclude the internal political instability in Pakistan which by default helps hostile agencies to manipulate the situation through anarchists which in return helps build anti-state, anti-establishment sentiment.

DG ISPR clearly mentioned in his press conference that we are a peaceful state & do not want war but if it is imposed on us we will clearly respond with full force, a loud and clear message to India, meanwhile shortly after that DG ISPR while addressing said that since last 16 years no country in world has been able to counter threats which Pakistan did, those who faced such, didn’t survive. This statement given by DG ISPR was not just for the sake of addressing journalists or civilians but it was a strong message given to World, Hostile Agencies working against Pakistan & Anarchists who are living within and outside of Pakistan continually provoking civilians under foreign hostile agenda to rise against the institutions of Pakistan, as the people of Syria, Libya, Iraq etc. did and that is where they failed to survive & Pakistan despite all odds has managed to survive because Armed Forces of Pakistan, Its Institutions and Civilians remained intact to Unity when it comes to countering external threats as well as internal threats.

Narrative which is being injected in people of Pakistan now days is that behind every bad happening in Pakistan from Political instability to Terrorism, there is a secret hand of ISI, Pakistan Army & that they are part of problem rather than part of solution. As I mentioned before, the only institution which is problem for Propagandists and is standing like a wall, stopping them from succeeding in their objectives is Armed Forces of Pakistan & Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan, once the Propagandists i.e. the Hostile State or non-State actors accomplishes in damaging the credibility of Intelligence Agencies & Armed Forces through their Puppets sitting in USA, London, India or through certain political parties or media houses within Pakistan, will they be able to destabilize and denuclearize or even invade Pakistan through terrorist organizations like ISIS or by directly getting involved in invasion as in case of Iraq or Afghanistan.

Our Ideology is what is keeping us all united & anyone who attacks our ideology is one who is part of Anarchist. Being a Pakistani it is responsibility of every individual to fight against those who want to destabilize Pakistan & fighting alone doesn’t mean fighting with guns rather we can use different platform including social media as well as pen to write and spread awareness among people of Pakistan. Do not fall for enemy trap as it would not only be hurting state interests rather with time it would destroy individual lives, ultimately leading to enslavement of People of Pakistan under a foreign occupation or a puppet government & in the end our loyalties should not lie with Political Parties or Institutions rather we should all be loyal to National Interest of Pakistan.

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