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Cricket in burqa: Women cricketers play in hijab in Kashmir

Cricket in burqa: Women cricketers play in hijab in Kashmir

SRINAGAR: Sports and art knows no barriers. Whether it is cricket, football or any other game, sports unite people and are loved unconditionally everywhere. One such tale of love with sports is found in Baramulla, in the Indian Held Kashmir where women seem to break the norms and chase their passion for cricket.

Insha, a 21-year-old student is one such woman who wears hijab to play cricket.

Insha expresses her desire to be free and fearless. Her attire in her first ever game of cricket was a burqa. She now manages to bowl and field in hijab and doesn’t mind playing the game of her dreams even if it requires covering her head and body in the most uncomfortable way.

Some women in Baramulla play with a burqa donned.

Despite of the taunts and opposition she received from society, Insha who has represented women teams in cricket as well as volleyball continued to play and defied social restraints with her passion for sports.

She also rides a scooty and travels in the same attire.

Another girl from Baramulla, Rabya plays cricket with her body covered from head to toe. In Srinagar she wears a hijab for cricket and a burqa when in Baramulla.

Rabya is religious and doesn’t like to go against the teachings of her religious masters by taking off burqa even for the game of cricket.

She got permission to play cricket only if she could wear a burqa for it. The girl didn’t even pose for photographs after winning the inter-university tournament.

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