Delhi students protest in solidarity after BHU violence

Jyoti Kanyal|

Several students took to streets in protest against the lathi charge on girls of BHU (BCCL/ Ranjit Kumar)
Several students took to streets in protest against the lathi charge on girls of BHU (BCCL/ Ranjit Kumar)
‘In pinjro ko todenge, itihaas ki dhara modenge’, ‘Lakshman rekha ki sarkar nahi chalegi abki baar’, and ‘Lathi charge ki sarkar, nahi chalegi abki baar’, were some of the slogans shouted at the night march organised by Pinjara Tod on Thursday. To show solidarity with the students of BHU, who were lathi charged by the police while protesting against sexual harassment faced by girls in campus, Pinjara Tod organised the Night March from Faculty of Arts to GTB Nagar Metro Station.

(BCCL/ Ranjit Kumar)

A protest against patriarchy
‘Pitasatta ki sarkar, nahi chalegi abki baar’, demanding actions against the Vice Chancellor of BHU, students at the march shouted against the patriarchal mindset of the University. Subhashini Shriya, one of the key members of Pinjara Tod, said, “It is very sad that the university had to resort to police force to handle girl students, who were protesting peacefully for a safe campus for women. These girls were manhandled by male policemen. There was no female police officer. Today, through this night march we want to extend our support to the students of BHU who are fighting against patriarchy.”

(BCCL/ Ranjit Kumar)

Students from different colleges join hands
Not restricting the protest to students of Delhi University, students from other universities joined the night march with drums and other musical instruments. Rishit, a student from Ambedkar University, said, “The lathi charge on the girls of BHU happened in the university by the orders of the VC. We are here protesting against the it. The lathi charge, we think, was completely undemocratic and unconstitutional.”

Megha Singh, a student of Khalsa College, said, “The students were protesting peacefully but were lathi charged. We are here because this can happen with us as well.”

(BCCL/ Ranjit Kumar)

Delegation of BHU students detained by Police
A delegation of students from BHU were also supposed to join the night march but were detained by the police at Chanakyapuri Police Station. The students were on their way to the PMO to deliver a memorandum when they were detained. Shubhra, another student at the protest, told us, “Some BHU students were supposed to join but couldn’t as they were detained by the police. After the protest, we will figure out what has actually happened.”

Police personnel accompanied students
To ensure that no unlawful situation arises during the night march, a group of 20-30 police personnel, comprising both male and female police officers, accomponied the students. Poonam, a constable on duty, said, “We are here to maintain law and order. During the protest it is seen that students come on the roads that disturbs traffic. We are maintaining the traffic by asking students to walk on the footpath and not on the road. Also, we are here to see the protest doesn’t turn violent.”