Maleeha Lodhi’s mistake doesnt change the fact that India is a Terrorist State

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi is under fire after displaying an inaccurate picture during her speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Indian and international media outlets were quick to point out that a photo she showed of a pellet gun victim, in an effort to display Indian violence towards Kashmir’s, was actually taken of a Palestinian girl in Gaza in 2014 by award winning photographer Heidi Levine. The girl — Rawya Abu Joma, who was then 17 years old –had been injured during an Israeli airstrike, the original caption with the photograph said.

The Indian media used this blunder to deflect from the criticism in her speech. Ambassador Lodhi criticised India for sending terrorists and spies to Pakistan, specifically mentioning Kulbhushan Yadav who confessed to committing terrorism in Pakistan.

Critics say although Maleeha Lodhi made a massive blunder, it doesn’t change the fact that the Indian military terrorizes Kashmiri’s.

“THE HINDU”, mentioned that the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital received 933 pellet cases the first week of August.

“We had 440 pellet patients who were hit in the eyes. Of these, 60 to 70 patients were under the age of 15,” consultant ophthalmologist at the SMHS Sajad Khanday told The Hindu.

Around 40 surgeries are slated for next week.

“There were around 250 patients who required second surgeries. Many among them are very young,” said Dr. Khanday.

Maliha Lodhi and her staff have been strongly criticized by the people of Pakistan for making this mistake, considering there are bundrefs of real photos of Kashmiri pellet gun victims available online.

“Photos from Google”

The senior analysts and common people of Pakistan are demanding enquiry of this blunder.